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Night shifters need proper health care

The normalization of nightlife has increased the number of night workers, such as bank, supermarket, cinema, entertainment city, airport, terminal, station staff and hospital nurses, three shift women workers, radio DJs, etc. that serve overnight.

The human body is an organic whole. The body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure all have a circadian rhythm, so it is decided that people sleep at night and work during the day.

Due to the upside-down of the biological clock, some night shifters may show some discomfort.

  First, increasing nutrition is the key. Dinner is the main meal of night shift professionals, which can account for 30% -50% of the cumulative total conversion. High-protein foods can be used. It is advisable to schedule meals one or two hours before labor.20% -25% of the total daily intake, breakfast intake can generally account for 15% -20% of the expected total emissions, and should be based on easy digestion and absorption.

  Night shifters must ensure that they have sufficient heat absorption, and long night shifters can have supper during night shifts.

Eat more nutritious foods, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, soy products, etc.

Eat light, delicious, soft meals, supplement foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, caviar, etc .; eat more fruits or fresh fruit juice.

It is also good to take some multivitamin supplements under the guidance of a doctor.

  Second, ensuring sleep is the key. Sleep disorders are a big problem for invading night workers.

Night shifts must work at night and sleep during the day, but sleep during the day is often affected by daylight and noise. This causes the night shifts to not be compensated for their physical and mental energy after daily work, which causes their fatigue to worsen and even appear.Appetite loss, worry, and irritability appear.

Many night shifts are obviously mentally unhealthy. They are listless during the day and often doze off during the night shift. When it is time to sleep, they can’t sleep at all. For a long time, they show symptoms such as irritability and worry, which develop into depression.

  You should reasonably adjust your life rules. When you should sleep, you must sleep, but you must not sleep all the way. Do n’t eat or drink in the middle. Eating in the middle is necessary and you should eat on time.

Usually about 8 hours of sleep a day can get enough rest for the body.

  Third, psychological disorders need to pay attention to the reversal of work and rest time will bring a series of physiological problems, over time, psychological problems will also emerge, such as sleep disorders, depression and so on.

Many night shifts often suffer from contradictions due to the reversal of their schedules, failing to take good care of their families, having difficulties in fulfilling their responsibilities as husbands, wives, children, and parents; through the reduction of their participation in social activities, a social information message is generated.The communication with family and friends is reduced, and the psychological release is not properly released, so we should make good adjustments.