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Polygonum multiflorum Black Sesame Porridge

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]30 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 15 grams of walnut kernels, 15-30 grams of black sesame seeds, 100 grams of black rice, and moderate sugar.

   [Production]Fry the Polygonum multiflorum into a casserole, fry the thick juice, remove the dregs and extract the juice, and boil it with black rice, black sesame, and walnut kernels (all washed).

When the porridge is ready, add rock sugar and cook for 1-2.

   [Usage]For breakfast and dinner.

   [Efficacy]Yigan liver and kidney, anti-aging, black hair.

It is suitable for premature whitening and hair loss caused by liver and kidney deficiency, as well as senile hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

   [Precautions]Those who have diarrhea should avoid taking it.

While serving porridge, avoid onions, garlic, lotus root and lamb.

Those who have caries should avoid taking it.