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Divorce may not be the best option

With the civilization and progress of the society, divorced people are no longer discriminated against like they used to, but this does not mean that they can easily divorce.

Because divorce is not necessarily the best choice for solving emotional problems.

Moreover, when people decide to break up, it is often difficult to think fully and rationally.

Among the inquiries we received, many people calmly reflected after divorce and felt that they had used divorce to resolve their conflicts or problems.

Some people think that divorce will bring ease and relief to their lives, but the fact is often not satisfactory.

Especially when they encounter various difficulties in the process of rebuilding their families, they can’t help feeling frightened, and it is easier to “recall the year”.

At the same time, divorce will bring great psychological trauma to children.

This must not be ignored.

  For husbands and wives, they can’t just decide that their relationship has reached the end of their lives because of their vomiting and quarreling.

The couple used to be angry about the little things at home, so do you agree on the big things at home?

If you ca n’t ask for each other too much, do n’t expect too much from the other party ‘s absolute obedience, but do n’t expect too much that both people can “think in one place”; then there are some different ideas about how to deal with family problems, which is precisely the personality of the coupleIt ‘s natural, life is real, what ‘s so bad about it?

  Divorce is not a child’s play, it cannot be said lightly.

Especially in the following marital status, divorce should not be the preferred solution to the problem.

  1. Neither husband nor wife has any moral quality issues, and neither of them has betrayed each other emotionally.

  2. At present, there is an upward trend in the number of people requesting divorce on the grounds of “disharmony”.

This certainly reflects the progress of respect for individuality in modern society, but it also depends on the extent to which the “dissonance of personality” has to be analyzed calmly and strive to achieve mutual adaptation.

Couples who have not undergone serious adjustments should suspend their breakup.

  3. The disharmony between husband and wife’s sex life is also one of the reasons why many people leave their goals.

In the face of this problem, couples need to strengthen exchanges and communication, and have the courage to express their needs and feelings; if necessary, they can also consult professionals to get effective guidance and help.

Learning sexual knowledge and reducing sexual misunderstandings is one of the effective methods to resolve this kind of couple conflicts.

  4. Chinese traditional culture places more emphasis on family and family relationships.

The marriage of two people tends to aggravate the opinions and opinions of the relatives of the other, among which the infrequent resonance of the couple’s feelings has an indirect effect.

Remember not to abandon your marriage because of the coldness, repetition and other emotions of other relatives in the other’s family.

If there are conflicts, they should actively communicate and communicate, and if there are gaps, they should actively repair and bridge them.

  After that, we do not hinder the analogy: if divorce is used as a means of violence to settle the grievances between husbands and wives; then, adjusting the relationship between husbands and wives is to “fix the barriers” through negotiation and is an essential adjustment in marriageStrategy.
It is hard to imagine that those who have not learned how to reconcile in the first marriage and “do not fight and lose themselves” will have any successful experience brought into the second marriage in the future.

Family disengagement is a “big move” in personal life, and we must easily abandon marriage, and of course we do not have to painfully maintain the existence of the family in order to have a false name.

Farewell to the past, overturning is a choice, try to repair, and reconciliation is also an election.

“Fen” may have its own reason, and “he” must also have the basis of hehe.

The key to the constant of division and unity is to win or lose. The key is to look at the inner feeling of the person and the impact that this feeling has on his life and body.

In this sense, being kind to your marriage means being kind to ourselves.