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[How to make steak tender?
】 _How to do_How to do

Steaks are block-shaped beef on cattle. This part of the beef is very precious and expensive. In life, people put steaks on the table for a variety of very high-end dishes, especially for Western food.At that time, fried steak was a very popular dish. It is worth mentioning that fried steak is a technical task and requires a lot of skills. Here are some methods and techniques for steak.

How to make steak tender?
1. Selection of materials: The meat should be thick enough.

These two steaks are not ordinary steaks, they are Australian beef beef 9+ grade beef fillet specially purchased from Sanyuanli Market.

It does not mean that it must be much more expensive. After all, the price will vary significantly between different grades and different parts, but it is recommended to choose imported ones.

Due to the different methods of splitting beef between foreign countries and domestic ones, most of the domestic beef segmentation parts are not suitable for frying. Of course, there are also some supermarkets that sell steak slices, but most of them are thin.Floral pattern.

If it is too thin, the juice is not easy to lock. When it is fried, it is almost cooked and it is easy to fry.

2, choose the pot: the pot must be corrugated.

It is very important to have a corrugated grilling pan. Such a pan has a large heat capacity and will not cause the steak to drain due to the sudden drop in temperature after the steak is placed.

Even if the water and oil come out, it will flow backward along the lines and will not become “boiled meat.”

And the most important thing is that they can fry the pattern 嘞.

And the width of the corrugated is also very particular.

Too thin corrugated, can not burn the thick lines, the frying pattern is very stingy.

The ribs are too wide, not suitable for families. Generally, small steaks are eaten at home. The ribs are too wide, and they are not beautiful enough to fry, and it is easy to feel confused.

3. Cooking: lock the gravy.

The pan is between the frying steaks.

Add the steak when the green smoke slightly rises.

Do not smoke thick, then the pan is too hot and easy to burn; also do not smoke, so the pan is too cold, not hot enough, can not lock the gravy, easy to cause gravy loss.

After putting the meat in the pan, heat it over low heat and slowly fry to allow the heat to be transferred to the inside of the meat.

4. Decorative pattern: Rotate 70 degrees.

Drain the meat into the pan and don’t move it. When the pattern appears and fry is about the same, rotate it 70 degrees to continue frying.

Be sure to set the angle once, do not move back and forth, the pattern is easy to spend, and it will not produce the effect.